Usually at least once a day we have a dance party around here. It’s a great way to tire out your toddler and to waste some time before nap/bedtime. Not to mention I probably burn a few calories while I twirl my 25 lb two year old through the air.

Lately the LB likes me to turn the radio on in his room so he can get his dance on. He seems to think that his rug is a dance floor for some reason!

***Don’t laugh at the window treatments in LB’s room. If you looked close enough you would have seen that one window has an OU blanket in it and the other a purple sheet. I know. I have mad decorating skillz! Actually LB sleeps better if it is darker in his room and I have yet to find curtains that I like. Don’t worry there are actually bamboo blinds in the windows so it doesn’t look so ghetto from the outside looking in.