A few weeks ago I mentioned how I had found a mirror at a yard sale.  When I stumbled across it I knew I had to have it right away.  It was just the finishing touch for the master bedroom makeover I was in the process of completing.

I always forget to take before pictures but I remembered at the last second as I was hauling the mirror into my studio storage shed/barn.  Here it is in it’s original state of  “oh so blah, GREY.”


I had a different look in mind for the mirror so I gave it a fresh coat of paint.  The paint color is essentially a light blue with a hint of grey in it.  {The official color is Valspar Woodlawn Silver Brook in semi-gloss.}  I had practically a whole can of this paint left over from when I painted my son’s bed side table and it coordinated perfectly with the bedding I had purchased for our master bedroom.



I liked the mirror painted blue but all the detail on the frame got lost in the solid color.  My friend Erin suggested I try using stain on top of the color to make all the detailing pop.  I thought about it for a good two weeks and then finally decided what the heck I can always repaint it if I don’t like it.

We already has some dark brown stain{english chestnut I believe} leftover from our armoire. I used a sponge brush to liberally apply stain to small sections of the frame at a time. I then quickly used a dry cloth {I used an old t-shirt} to wipe off as much stain as I could. Next I took a damp cloth and wiped away a little bit more stain. The damp cloth really does help you too get off even more stain so I would highly suggest that if you aren’t getting the results you want by using a dry cloth. Thanks Erin for that little tip!

Here is the mirror, all gussied up!





{Excuse the mess reflected in this shot! Yesterday my project was to pack away all of the baby clothes that the Graham has outgrown. Quite a chore, I tell you.}

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I think it looks better against our “camel’ colored walls now and compliments the dresser more.  Before it just seemed a little too “baby blue” for a grown up space.  Now all I need are a few accessories and/or some lamps to flank either side of the mirror to finish off the master bedroom re-do!