Besides my fab tray find at Kindermarket last week I also found some really great clothing items for the boys.  I wasn’t really in the market for halloween costumes but I stumbled across some that I loved.

Noah is really into Toy Story right now so I was excited to find a Woody outfit and cowboy hat for $5.  When I first showed him the costume he kind of looked at me like, “What am I suppoed to do with that?”  Then once I finally got it on him he wouldn’t take it off!  I did make him remove it for meals, naps and trips out of the house.


While at Kindermarket I found some black cowboy boots in Noah’s size but I ended up not getting them. I am kicking myself now for putting them back. They would have been the perfect addition to his costume. I did pick up some little faux Ugg boots for him to wear as house shoes. He likes to wear those with his costume as his “boots.”  SSSSHHHHH, no one tell him that real cowboys don’t wear Ugg boots!!! ha!!


I also found a cute costume for Grammy for only $3.  How cute is my little lion?


Check out these little paws and the little tail!


Looks like were all set for Halloween. How bout you?