I have always wanted to have a wreath for our front door but have never bought one because the cute ones are always seem to be really expensive.  So last week I decided to try my hand at making my own wreath. I had so much fun I ended up making two, a halloween and a fall wreath.

My inspiration for one of the wreaths came from this wreath. [scroll down to the second page} I loved the black and white check fabric but decided to go with some fabric I already had on hand.  I bought a 12″ floral ring at Michael’s for $1.99  that looked just like this.


Then I started cutting my fabric into strips.  And then I cut some more strips.  And then I cut even more strips.

And then I took a break from cutting and started actually attaching them to my wreath form.  Loop your strips of fabric around the wreath and tie in a knot. I double knotted mine for good measure and to make my ends a little shorter.


As you tie on your fabric strips push the fabric close together so that you can’t see any of the wreath form.   At first it might seem like it will take you an eternity to attach all your fabric strips. Keep going!

It didn’t take me as long as I thought it would. I completed most of my wreath while I attended Jim and Pam’s wedding watched The Office last week.

Pretty soon your wreath will start to look like this.  You can “fluff” the ends of your strips as you go and cut any that seem to stick out to far.



And before you know it your wreath will be complete and ready to hang on your door.  I got some orange  ribbon and hung my wreath by that.  I had some ribbon leftover so I added a little bow to the top.



{pretend my bow isn’t crooked in this picture! ha!!}

I’m loving my new halloween wreath!  And hubby loves that I only spent $3.00 on it.  🙂