No makeover post would be complete without a “before” right?  When I went to search for a picture of our master bedroom I didn’t really have very many.  So ignore Hubs, the new babe, and I in this shot and focus to the left if you will on our bedding.


We didn’t really have a whole lot accessories in the room then and we had that one lonely black shelf up on the wall.  I love, love, love the print on the duvet we had but we wanted a quilt instead and I wanted something a little lighter and brighter.

Ok.  Now on to the good stuff.  The AFTER!!  It all started with some new bedding I bought last May.


Here’s an up close view of the quilt.  The quilt is white and blue. {with the blue being more of a blue/grey}


I spent just under $80.00 for the quilt, two shams, and small throw pillow at TJ MAXX/HomeGoods. Not too shabby! Our town has the biggest and best TJ MAXX/HomeGoods I have ever seen. I’m gonna probably cry when we move away from it next year!


{Please ignore the tag still attached to the pillow! I took these pics when I was trying out the bedding to see if it was a keeper.}

I feel like I could use some more pillows to add to the mix but haven’t run across any that I love yet. Anyone have any suggestions on how to arrange pillows or what is a good amount to have? I have to large Euro inserts I could use as well if I were to find some Euro covers that I loved.

Ok enough about the bedding, let’s get back to the makeover.  You remember the monogram canvas that my sweet friend Erin painted.  LOVE it!



In the second picture the wall color is more true to what it really looks like in person. {I call the wall color “camel” but the official name is Churchill Hotel Maple by Valspar}

With the monogram canvas in place I still had three more walls to “fill.”  I decided to shop around my house to see what I could find.  I ended up stealing this gallery wrap from the living room so I could use it in our bedroom.


We previously had it on a shelf in our formal {and I use the word “formal” lightly} living room but I thought it might be better suited in our bedroom. I love this picture but I wasn’t quite sure I wanted a life size picture of us in the living room.  If you think I am kidding about it being life size then you can just ask our photographer Melissa.  She’ll tell you I’m for real.


See that little wicker chest in the picture above?  I bought that while in college and it has turned out to be a very versatile piece of furniture.  I have used it in a bathroom when I had no cabinet, in the corner of a dining room, in Noah’s nursery, and now it is in our bedroom for extra storage.  The wood used to be a really light stain and I never really loved it.  When we moved it into our son’s nursery we painted the wood a nice chocolate brown color to compliment his crib and it totally changed up the look of it.  The wicker pops so much more against the dark chocolate!  Love it!!



And you might remember this mirror I found at a garage sale and made over last month.  It fits perfectly with the decor in our master bedroom.  I would still like to find two lamps to flank either side of the mirror but haven’t come across any that I am in love with yet.  I would actually prefer to find some lamps at the thrift store I could fancy up myself.


Hubs so kindly painted my black shelf white for me and I decided to hang it back above our bed.  On the shelf I have some pictures of the Hubs  and I, our wedding invitation{ our invite just happened to be blue and white, bonus!!}, and I put my favorite picture of us from our wedding.  We got married in a gorgeous chapel in the ozark mountains that is made entirely of glass except for the beams. And the wedding picture I chose for our shelf really captures the beauty of the chapel and our special day.  {Sidenote: Can anyone guess which Chapel it was?  Those of you from AR might know!!}

Ok, back to the makeover…….Remember how last year I was trying to find a way to display/store my jewelry?  Well I finally decided on a simple white tray.   I can just lay out the pieces I wear often on the tray and then switch them out when the season changes. Ha! Truth be told this is almost all of the jewelry I own! Who am I kidding with the “switching out my pieces with each season. ”  {Hubs if you are reading this…hint, hint I could use some more jewelry.}


Well there you have it, our master bedroom makeover!