Are you tired of me talking about my kindermarket finds yet?  Hopefully not, because I am back with more goodies from the consignment sale. I stumbled upon this little box of floral picks in the home section of the sale and sat there and debated for way to long whether or not I should spend $2 on them.  My friend D talked me into buying them and I am so happy I did!


After I got home and took all these little guys out of the box I realized there were more little doodads than I first thought there were.  There were pine-cones, apples, pears, berries, leaves and pomegranates.  Not too shabby for $2.00!


I decided to use all my little goodies to make myself a fall wreath for my front door.  I bought a simple grapevine wreath and started attaching the biggest pieces of greenery/fruit first.  Then I took the smaller pieces and worked those in until I ran out of floral picks.  I still had a few empty spots so I snagged some pine cones from mother nature and hot glued them into the bare spaces.



So what do you think?  Does it look good or does it look like the fake fruit aisle at Hobby Lobby just threw up on my wreath?!?  🙂  I’m not sure when it comes to wreaths if “less is more” or not.  Any thoughts on that?