over the weekend i was looking around the internet for a cute and simple chore chart for my toddler.  in the process i stumbled upon a wonderful little site called the project girl.  she has several fun downloads that will have you on your way to being organized in no time!


i am thinking of using this weekly chore chart for my son but you could also use it for your around the house chore chart {ie. cleaning}


i am all about meal planning these days so i was so excited to see that jennifer has two different meal planning forms you can download.



check out this fun project planner download.  it’s perfect for any DIY-er who always has a list of projects going on.  you could even use it to plan for an up-coming holiday party.


the project girl also has a daily planner, a food journal, and a travel check list all waiting to be downloaded by you.  i’m wondering if she would create a moving “to-do”list for me?  we have an upcoming military move in the next year or so and i am already dreading everything i have to do to prepare for that.

i saved the best for last.  check out this a-mazing chicken wire board that the project girl made.

um, hello! i need this.  click here for the tutorial to make your own.