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Lately I have been on a “jewelry” kick. More specifically I have been on the hunt for some fun new necklaces for fall.  Last week while my friend Cronan was here we hit up the mall in search of said pieces.  She always has the best jewelry so I knew she would help me pick out some fun pieces. And that she did. I ended up finding a few necklaces that I loved. 

Later this week I was wearing one of the necklaces and I remembered why I don’t wear necklaces. My son thinks they are for him to play with.  I knew there was a reason I hadn’t worn much jewelry for the past nine months. He was worse about this when he was smaller and would just yank on them. Now he grabs them to check them out and to see if they are worth eating. Luckily I don’t carry him around non-stop these days. I figure I better get some necklace wearing time in before bebe #2 is here and old enough to start using them as a teething ring.

In case you are in the market for some pieces for fall here are a few I have my eye on. Enjoy!



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