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So um my Google Reader just suggested that I read my own blog. My blog was listed in the Top Recommendations sections this afternoon. I guess I never told Google that I had a blog so it wouldn’t know to not suggest my own blog to me. 

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via Google Reader by Jenna Bilotta on 3/11/09
One of the things that we love best about Reader is the ability to easily share interesting items with your friends. In fact, we like it so much that we’ve been adding bunches of new sharing features over the last year including choosing friends to … See more »
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in this ordinary life of mine
How to be a fabulous little lady in a big city


Welcome to my little corner of the world. Nothing too serious here for you to read about. Just the comings and goings of my day to day life. I blog about the trials of being a military wife, tales of my role as “Mommy Dear”, recipes I love, my DIY projects, and our home renovations. Happy reading!