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this week the boys and i went to the thrift store for a little entertainment one evening after dinner.  we came across a little barn that was in great condition for only $1.81.  i have been looking for a barn for noah to play with so i was excited that we had finally found one.  we brought it home, gave it a good cleaning, and changed out the batteries {when you open some of the gates it makes different animal sounds}  noah has been playing with it ever since. the barn didn’t come with any animals but luckily we already had some that went with a toy noah’s ark.



we also found this little toy vacuum.  it was only $1.81 too!  noah likes to clean when i do so now he can use his little vacuum while i am using our real vacuum.  unfortunately fortunately, we tried new batteries in the vacuum but the sound still didn’t work.  bummer, you know i love toys that make loud noise.

i would highly suggest checking out your local thrift stores for toys for your kiddos.  we have found some really fun things for noah and none of them have cost more than $3.


EDITED TO ADD: i saw the same Little People barn at Target this week brand new for $40!  looks like i did get a killer deal


on saturday we crashed a halloween party with some good friends of ours.


then we headed out into the rain for some trick-or-treating.  at first noah didn’t really want to go to the front door of the houses but once he realized he would get some candy he was all about it.  that’s my boy!


notice i am carrying noah’s hat in this picture.  he decided he didn’t want to wear it for some reason.  oh well!


here’s our little family minus daddy {who was out of town}


last week we had some really gorgeous fall days here in ga.  the boys and i took advantage of all the sunshine and perfect temperatures and headed to our neighborhood park several times.


check out grahams new little teeth.  i love his smile!


graham is able to sit up in the wagon across from noah now which is so fun.  he loves riding to the park in the wagon with his big brother.  my how my boys are growing and changing!


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