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Yesterday morning I snuck out of the house at 7:15 a.m. to hit up all the local garage sales with my friend Katie.  I have been wanting to go for a while but finally got the chance to go this weekend.


I got this set of small Christmas trees at the first sale we went to. I only paid $.75 for both of them!! I have been wanting a little tree for possibly my entry way and my kitchen. Now I can have one for both! I love that the trunks of the trees are wrapped in burlap.

My best steal of the day though was a framed mirror. I paid $9.00 for it which I didn’t think was bad considering it’s size. I probably could have paid less but the seller wasn’t there at the moment I was trying to strike up a deal. {it was a community type garage sale}

Here it is in it’s original state.


I LOVE IT!!. I have been finishing up a makeover of our master bedroom {more on that to come soon} and this mirror was just what I needed for one wall. I love it when things fall into place! The mirror was gray when I bought but it didn’t stay that color for long. I already put one coat of paint on it and it is drying as we speak.

I need to try to get out and go to garage sales more often. It definitely can be hit or miss but that is part of the adventure right? Thanks Katie for a fun morning!


So excited about the Season 6 premiere of The Office. Mark your calendars Set your DVR for Thursday September, 17th.

You can see a little preview here!

Usually at least once a day we have a dance party around here. It’s a great way to tire out your toddler and to waste some time before nap/bedtime. Not to mention I probably burn a few calories while I twirl my 25 lb two year old through the air.

Lately the LB likes me to turn the radio on in his room so he can get his dance on. He seems to think that his rug is a dance floor for some reason!

***Don’t laugh at the window treatments in LB’s room. If you looked close enough you would have seen that one window has an OU blanket in it and the other a purple sheet. I know. I have mad decorating skillz! Actually LB sleeps better if it is darker in his room and I have yet to find curtains that I like. Don’t worry there are actually bamboo blinds in the windows so it doesn’t look so ghetto from the outside looking in.


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