i could remove the word “mine” from my toddlers vocabulary.

i already knew where we are moving to next year.

someone would deliver scrumptious home-cooked meals to my house every night {for free}.

a new episode of The Office was on every night.


it’s official.  it’s now november. does that mean i can start decorating talking about holiday decor?


i am crushin on this quilted reindeer pillow. apparently everybody else is too because it is no longer available.  bummer.


i absolutely love , love, love this sleigh bell crewel pillow.  the little bells are a fun addition don’t you think? {although i am sure my toddler would try to eat those}

and that red buffalo check pillow in the background. i love it against the sleigh bell pillow. so fun!

{all images courtesy of pottery barn}

on saturday we crashed a halloween party with some good friends of ours.


then we headed out into the rain for some trick-or-treating.  at first noah didn’t really want to go to the front door of the houses but once he realized he would get some candy he was all about it.  that’s my boy!


notice i am carrying noah’s hat in this picture.  he decided he didn’t want to wear it for some reason.  oh well!


here’s our little family minus daddy {who was out of town}



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